Fine art aerial photographer Ron Lowery


Stunning photographs of landscapes eroded into living sculptures, magnificent bighorn sheep on steep canyon walls, herds of buffalo grazing across golden plains, restored forts, lush green fields and magnificent rivers along Lewis and Clark’s cross-country route provide a glimpse of an America that will nourish your patriotic soul.

About the Authors

Ron Lowery & Mary Walker

Ron Lowery is a gravity-defying, professional photographer and pilot and has produced award-winning photographs marketed around the world.
Using a twin engine plane that he and his older son built, he flew 14,000 miles to photograph the Lewis and Clark trail.
Along with co-author Mary Walker, they have produced this story of aviation adventure.
Not just an amazing visual experience, but also a tale of a challenging flying adventure, Chasing Lewis & Clark shows how two-modern day pilots flew above the same great rivers, plains and mountains to capture incredible pictures from the air and to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Corps of Discovery’s journey.

For the past 15 years, Ron has traveled extensively with his plane, virtually living in the sky to capture the exact moment and the lighting he desires for each photograph. The photographic images from Ron Lowery’s creative mind have been used by Kodak, IBM, CBS, Smith Kline Beecham, Telecom Italia and other corporations worldwide.
His story of retracing Lewis and Clark has been the subject of several newspaper articles including the Business & Aviation Journals, Bismarck Tribune, Seattle Post Intelligencer, and St. Louis Post Dispatch. He was profiled in the book, Right Brain, Left Brain Photography: The Art and Technique of 70 Modern Masters. His home base is Chattanooga, TN.


Mary Walker is an accomplished pilot and writer who has widely explored her interests in cultural history, ecology and earth sciences. She has worked as a chemist in environmental and scientific research, and in natural resource conservation. Her passionate concerns about protecting the enviroment led to her founding a regional magazine, "EnviroLink®."


A member of the Board of Trustees of The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee, she also chaired the Mayor’s Advisory Council for Environment in Des Moines, Iowa and chaired the Chattanooga Task Force of the Tennessee Toxics Program.


Mary has studied the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition for three years, traveled the entire route previously by road and small plane, and created a website for schoolchildren on the subject. During her Lewis and Clark travels, her compassion for the native Americans and others we met along the trail made the crew of Chasing Lewis and Clark Across America many lasting friends.
She is also a highly experienced instrument-rated, multi-engine private pilot who lives in Tucson, Arizona.


Mary Walker