Old farm house with ax in log on foggy morning

Exploring on my motorcycle one day, as I often do, I notice an old cabin back off the road at the edge of the woods. The beautiful old tree, the primitive cabin and ax stuck in a log captured my attention, but the over-complexity of the scene bothered me, so I only shot one photo to record the location. Then one foggy autumn morning I decided to check it out again. Packing my tripod and Hasselblad on my bike, I headed to this place near the foot of Raccoon Mountain.

As I approached the cabin, that “wow” factor hit me when I saw how the fog and autumn colors made the scene so magical. As I was setting up my tripod, this old gentleman who lived there stepped out on the porch. He was curious as to why I was taking a photo of the ax stuck in the log and when I explained, he became honored that I thought his place was picture-worthy and then gladly posed by the fence for the shot.

This photo ended up winning a first place in a photography contest and was featured front page in the Times Free Press. That prompted calls from many of his relatives and I discovered he had raised nine kids in that cabin. One son remembered causing the knots on the tree when he was young by climbing and hacking away it with a hatchet. His father was not impressed and punishment followed.

This photograph, along with several others are featured at the In-Town Gallery through March 2019 in an exhibit called Southern Charm.

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