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Southern Charm: new images of old things

March 2019: Exhibit of Southern Charm at In-Town Gallery on Frazier Ave.

Although I am more known for my artistic aerial photos, I’ve also traveled America on my motorcycle, and these new photographic releases, Southern Charm, are the result of many years exploring back country roads around the South.

In days of the Old West men carried their carbine in a scabbard attached to the saddle. I designed a scabbard for my bike to carry my tripod and my “saddle bag” was a special camera bag on the gas tank for my camera and four lenses.

As a result of my exploring, I created photos of places lingering timelessness amid our bustling modern world.

In this image, Two-toning by Mother Nature,  I captured an old, rusting International truck, weathered and sun-faded, forgotten in a field. Beyond it, just out of the focus range, is a once-proud homestead, the softness of the image suggesting it too is dissolving away.

Its days, like those of the truck, now passed. Yet the bold shapes and the rich weathered red color of the truck leave the viewer with a sense of its defiance of time. Eventually those old cars and barns will rust and crumble away to dust. Capturing this art means their memories will become eternal.

You can see all of the Southern Charm images on my website here.

They are available printed on canvas, photo paper and metal. Give me a call to talk about the options, 423-240-3898 or email me,

Part of the collection Southern Charm, will be on display through March 30th at the In-Town Gallery in Chattanooga, with an opening reception Friday, March 1st, 2019, from 5-8 pm.

In-Town Gallery is located at 26A Frazier Avenue and offers contemporary art and fine craft by 32 local and regional artists.