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Producing the Book

Flying the AirCam, "Cloud Chaser" over the Tennessee River Gorge

Flying the AirCam, “Cloud Chaser” over the Tennessee River Gorge

The photography for this book, Tennessee River; Sparkling Gem of the South, was started in the year 2000. We stopped and switched to another project in 2003 to produce the book, Chasing Lewis & Clark Across America because of the bicentennial celebration of their expedition.

The seed money to produce this Tennessee River book came from selling fine art prints for homes and business. Now we’re using a Kickstarter campaign for the final funding so that we can afford to print in the US.

The biggest problem selling this aerial art of the Tennessee River is that most people who buy it are most interested in the areas that they recognize and are most sentimental about, such as local areas around Chattanooga.

The motivation to fly and shoot other areas hundreds of miles from home comes from mine and Sue’s craving to explore and photograph new places. Most people work hard and can’t wait to take a vacation. We don’t understand that term “vacation” because wherever we are exploring and creating new art is enough excitement and artistically rewarding as well. Most everyone think we do this to make money. That’s not true because our only intent is to make money so we can keep doing this.

To see samples pages of the book click here.