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Chasing Lewis and Clark

White Cliffs, Montana

Montana White Cliffs are reflected in the water on an early morning AirCam flight.

No adventure I have ever had, flying or otherwise, compares to flying the Lewis and Clark Trail to produce our book, Chasing Lewis and Clark Across America. That adventure was so multi-dimensional, I can’t imagine how I could beat it in the future. Yes, I would have liked to have walked on the moon or climbed Mt. Everest. However, neither would have nourished my appetite for art, exploration, history, geography and culture at the same time in the way the Lewis and Clark adventure did. One story in the book, titled “Missouri River Romance” is a good example of how I felt on a daily basis.

When I’m able to roll out of bed and into the cockpit before sunrise almost every morning to explore and produce art, that’s what I live for. Flying over the prairie with a herd of buffalo below one day, the badlands with its many hues of colors another, the sharp peaks of Rockies another and ultimately reaching the Pacific Ocean to soar with the sea gulls is the grandest of adventures for me.

Even though I didn’t plant a flag on the moon or a mountain, I still feel like I laid claim to America’s West, just like Lewis and Clark did 200 years ago.

Haystack Rock, Oregon and the Bitterroot Mountains

(left) The AirCam flight to Haystack Rock included an escort from a couple of porpoises swimming below the plane. (right) Corps of Discovery crossed the Bitterroots when they were covered in much more snow than here and nearly starved to death in their attempt.

AirCam on ranch in Montana

A rancher near the Missouri Breaks, Montana, used a bulldozer to make me a runway the day before I got there. Sue (pictured above with our dog, Jack) and I camped right next to the AirCam.