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Invasion of the Foxes

Two baby foxes

To further confuse those of you who thought I could only shoot pictures with a plane attached to my butt, I decided to play wildlife photographer for a few days.

For the past couple of years we have notice a red fox frequently passing through the yard. This spring things got dramatically more interesting. There are now four young foxes and 2 adults popping up everywhere. We can’t walk through the yard without that feeling of being watched.

After dark, using a night vision camera and infrared light, I can walk right up without them seeing me. Getting shots of the kits is easy but the adults are very spooky and require camouflage. The parents are constantly hunting for varmints to feed to the kits. Chipmunk and muskrat carcasses are being noticed near everybody’s mailboxes beside the culverts where the pups are sleeping. For some reason the adult foxes keep moving the kits around the neighborhood, as if they are on some sort of government witness relocation program.

Night creatures (left) and Mom and Dad on a date (right)

Our dog, Jack, won’t bark at them but he does chase and follow them into a drain pipe and will lay in there facing them for several minuets. I have no idea what issues they are discussing.  A wildlife official said foxes have been increasing seen in residential areas probably because they are running away from coyotes in the wilderness areas.


Hunting lessons with Dad


Life at the Day Care Center