Bio and background

I became interested in photography at age 16. What started off as a hobby rapidly turned into a passion. In order to afford all this expensive gadgetry I decided to pursue photography professionally. For the next twenty plus years I worked in various fields of photography such as industrial, photojournalism and commercial photography. In 1978 I started my own commercial studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although business was great and I had a lot of fun and interesting experiences, the challenges started disappearing. In my office hangs a cartoon of a frustrated buzzard sitting in a dead tree in the desert. The caption reads "Patience hell, I'm going out and kill something." This cartoon sums up my attitude toward life.

With a low threshold for boredom, I took up scuba diving to do underwater photography and at the same time got up to my neck in computers. Then, a couple of years later, I also started building my first plane. People probably thought I was having a mid-life crisis—not so. I've been having one all my life!

In addition to these interests, I have also developed a great fascination with astronomy. To me, astronomy is not just the study of distant objects and seeing back in time. It's the vastness of energy that captivates me. We are energy and everything around us is in a constant state of transition. Energy is the most important ingredient I want my images to have. With cameras I could express what I saw and now with the help of computers I can express what I imagine. Where the plane and scuba help me explore the real world in 3D space, the computer allows me to explore my imagination. For over 10 years, I considered my monitor a porthole I crawl through to escape reality and my tablet-pen my sword for fighting the evils of mediocrity. Even though these concept images sold very successfully in advertising and editorially all over the world I yearned to travel and explore.